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Bevel is a holistic approach to improving health, longevity, and performance.
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Start the day with confidence

The Recovery score measures your body’s readiness based on factors like sleep, stress, and training adaptation.

Know when to train, and when to rest

Skip the guesswork. Measure and track your recovery to determine your training routine.


Measure the impacts of your habits.

Log lifestyle factors like caffeine, sauna, or late meals to identify impacts on Recovery and Sleep.

Recovery Insights. Visualize the impacts of your daily habits and behaviors.


Grounded in
science-backed methods

Heart rate variability

Leverage HRV as an indicator for recovery.

Resting heart rate

Focus on a lower heart rate for better conditioning.

Respiratory rate

Monitor breath metrics and regularity.

Stress levels

Quantify your body’s stress response.


Your activity level
in one number

The Strain score measures your total activity level,
from running, to cycling, to doing daily chores.


See your progress

Keep track of your progression through the months with custom charts and visuals.

Fully-featured activity tracker

Real-time monitoring. Bevel allows you to track and analyze any and all activities, from daily step counts to weight room reps.

Cardio Load & Load Balance. Understand your body’s adaptation using ATL, CTL, and TSB methods.

Go the
extra mile

24/7 measurements

Around-the-clock tracking for complete health data.

Personalized for you

Custom recommendations based on your needs.

Trends analysis

Identify patterns for actionable health insights.

Training zones

Target heart rate ranges for better workouts.


Understand your sleep better than before

Almost 1 in every 5 adults in the U.S. don’t get proper sleep every night.
Productivity can drop by 28% if you don’t have adequate sleep.

Sleep stages. Track sleep cycles like REM, light sleep, and deep sleep to understand sleep quality. Gain complete insights to optimize recovery while tracking respiratory rate, disturbances, and more.

Find the right balance. Your sleep requirements are unique to your body. Based on prior sleep patterns, daily strain, and naps, get insights into the ideal sleep balance for you.

Strength Builder

Integrated Strength Training

Quantify the impact of your strength training, and measure muscular load using accelerometer data of the Apple Watch.


Log your daily habits

One size doesn't fit all. Bevel analyzes your unique patterns and needs to help you achieve your health goals.

Apple Watch Complications

Customize your Apple Watch

Customize your watch to fit your tracking needs and keep progress top of mind.

iOS Widgets

Style your screen your way

Personalize your home screen with hand-crafted widgets, spotlighting data that push you forward.


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  • Advanced health & activity metrics
  • Cardio Load and Load Balance
  • Integrated Apple Watch app
  • Full access to Journal
  • Full access to Strength Builder


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$6 / month
  • Advanced health & activity metrics
  • Cardio Load and Load Balance
  • Integrated Apple Watch app
  • Full access to Journal
  • Full access to Strength Builder

Fantastic App

“This app does exactly what it needs to do. If you wear the Apple Watch, the data is not processed, shown in an appropriate way in Apple health and is basically useless. With this app you can get a fantastic overview of sleep, recovery and strain.”


This is the Health app you are looking for

“Truly wellness at mind is what this app is for. Metrics to back it up. Are you recovered? Recovery over time? Stress over time. It’s got it all. The best health and wellness app that Apple should’ve had built right into the Apple Watch all along.”

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Amazing slick app with a great roadmap for the future

“This app is superb. It’s not long been released but is very polished. Great interface and the developer has a great roadmap that aspires to be the best of its kind.”


Great and Useful App

“This app is incredibly useful for tracking my sleep and workouts! I think that the numbers are incredibly accurate compared to other apps and it really helps me plan my day.”


Never leaving

“24 hours into using Bevel! Absolutely incredible. It is beautifully designed, easy to use, easy to understand. Such a new app too so I’m so excited to see how it grows!”


A new era of personal health

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